Adult Literacy From Creating Joyful Learning Experience Into Active Citizenship

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.

The ADULT LITERACY project aims to  conduct pilot training workshops with adult learners and build toolkits  based on creative teaching and tutoring methods. The toolkits are   training tools for learning and teaching basic  communication in literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy  to adult learners. These include use of the 8 Lisbon Treaty Competences. 

This Grundtvig Learning Partnerships is  a framework for practical co-operation activities between 6 partners working in the field of adult learning.  

Polish  Republic (Coordinator) Fundacja Edukacji i Kultury im. Stanisława Michalskiego  working with the Association of Roma  based in Oświęcim. 
Italy                                           ARCI Naples Provincial Committee
Austria                                      Skills International  
Britain                                       Joanna Pinewood Education Limited 
Turkey                                      Derik Public Education  
Portugal                                    Temática Positiva Association

Coordinator Poland 

Fundacja Edukacji i Kultury im. Stanisława Michalskiego, main aim is providing support for adult learners education. 
Foundation activities focus on acquisition of skills and compentences by Adult Learners (EU Priority 1), by introducing new teaching and studying techniques based on innovative and creative methodology. 
Renata Woroń and Adam Kaleta are experienced Andragogists competent in conducting researches, providing adult training & consulting on business focused competences such as interpefsonal skills, management and entrepreneurial skills. Foundation acts in Małopolska area, which needs further socio-economic development. 
Foundation is fully competent in its role to conduct & organise an LLP. By sharing with partners from different countries all will gain new experiences and solutions that can be adapted for benefit of the adult learners including Andragogists to develop future transnational networks and projects.
In this project we will closely work with our local parter Association of Romas in Poland based in Oświęcim.

Partner 2 Italy

ARCI Naples Provincial Committee is an association that works in the field of the Culture, Social Relation, Solidarity of Rights, Formation, for the human and civil promoting through the associative form 
ARCI Naples Provincial Committee is a net of responsible citizen participation spaces. It promotes self-planning forms into civil society, even as volunteer, to favour a most democratic articulated speaking in order to stimulate a real communication;
ARCI Naples Provincial Committee promotes into society a deep knowledge of subjects about peace, third sector of cultural association, favouring the growing up of people. It is a No- profit association. 
ARCI Naples Provincial Committee is the ARCI Naples Provincial Committee New National Association , it has about 150 member clubs into the whole province, the activities fields are:
As cultural sector : music , dance , literature , figurative and plastic arts , cinema, theatre Environmental and Cultural Protection; As communication sector: journalism, audio-visual tools management, publishing, informatics; 
As solidarity and Caregivers: activities pro immigrants, minors and elderly; 
As evaluation of Artistic historical and cultural Heritage: social and solidarity tourism , farm tourism and tourism itineraries for the Environmental and cultural protection, festival and popular music expositions, extraordinary musical and animation for youth events, promotion of the territory and tourism developing , popular festival for the evaluation of the local traditional culture, even initiatives of International solidarity cooperation. 
Moreover, ARCI Naples Provincial Committee promotes and coordinates on the Regional territory the civil substantive service at army .
Network resources:
• National network of clubs and committees across the ARCI operating in the field of cultural
• Collaboration and active partnerships with organizations local, national, international
Experiences of service:
• Experience in the voluntary sector cultural activities in Italy, with pre-training activities, training and placement in the workplace, with knowhow acquired and reportable at any time if necessary:
- Publishing initiatives
- Volunteer work in particularly "at risk" of our country
- Activities of an anti-racism and social integration;
- Cultural, recreational and policy initiatives (film festivals, concerts, conferences, events, etc.)

Partner 3 Britain

Joanna Pinewood Education, JPE, addresses the teaching & learning needs of adults in non-vocational learning, formally, non-formally or informally, as well as facilitating such learning opportunities.

Joanna Pinewood Education Limited, JPE, is a dynamic team of Andragogists : tutors, educators, researchers and volunteers in
Lifelong Learning tutoring of excluded school learners, dyslexic adult learners, adult, learners with brain injury, unemployed
learners, retired seniors and European migrants. It give informal education training to administrators, teacher & tutors, care nurses
and construction workers.

It motivates Literacy and numeracy and teaches psychology, History and science. JPE works with Grundtvig, Leonardo and Erasmus

JPE aim is to promote 'enjoyment in literacy ', with a focus on the generation and sharing of innovative and creative approaches to Andragogy and Best practices. was written by an Adult learner with frontal lobe injury. JPE taught him organisation and style of writing. pe_innovation_and_creativity_in_adult_education_in_the_municipality_of_oslo_norway.pdf - JPE has experience of adult literacy in Oslo. Norway.

Adult learners are taking part in the 2 Grundtvig Project ref GRP/11/106C and GRP/12/366P.

Our staff learn to motivate and write with adult learners articles debating, persuading and arguing about climate change.

JPE wishes to raise standards in motivation and influencing adult learners, teachers & stakeholders in Literacy because it is never too late to learn .

JPE promotes

JPE shares by writing :

Through personal writing , JPE tutors attempt to improve literacy writing and style of their adult learners.

It is because JPE Andragogists understand the intense difficulties that adult learners undergo, its tutors are in a position to support adult learners in their literacy.

Partner 4 Austria

Skills International was founded in 2008 as service provider for consulting and adult education provision in Austria with a branch office in Kosovo, incorporating results of European projects from APS - Regional Contact Point Southern Austria for EU Programmes in the field of research, innovation and training.

SKILLS is founding member and Ambassador in the not-for-profit association ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association, 
• ECQA provides worldwide unified certification schemes for various professions.
• ECQA supports the definition and development of the knowledge (skills sets) required for learners.

24 onsite training courses have been carried out successfully (16 of them in Austria) by SKILLS. Among the training courses we find ECQA Certified EU Project Manager, ECQA Certified Researcher Entrepreneur, Project Management, Proposal Writing, Audit and Internal Financial Control, English language course with CLIL-method.

Collaboration with adult education provider Akvites Lernen Bildungsinstitut, Vienna, to offer integration training courses for migrants in Austria (language skills, integration, etc.)

Activities and research areas:

• Establishment of eLearning environments and learning platforms integrating eLearning content
• Goal and Teamwork Based Learning Organization Concept Workflow management (teamwork analysis, work scenarios, role models, workflow models) 
• Capacity Building
• Proposal writing and project development, project management
• Expert for AEI – Agency for European Integration and Economic Development (Austria) 
• Staff with qualification as ECQA Certified E-Learning Manager.
• Language services licence from Chamber of Commerce Styria, Austria

Partner 5 Turkey

Derik Public Education is Founded in 1981,The Institution provides key competences such as literacy ,ICT ,Foreign languages as well as vocational courses to contribute local community integration for social ,educational and cultural development in the region.

Moreover it draft strategies and educational curriculum for local communities need to decrease the unemployment and upgrade the women getting educated upon basic key competences starting with literacy actions.currently there are 57 courses in different departments actively operating within the organisation and 340 adult learners are registered in educational courses which directly appeal to the disadvantaged groups such illiterate women,unemployed younsgters and men in the region.

With the framework of the project we will able to drive more public attention into our institution activities and this step will upgrade the numbers of women in the literacy courses as well as its maximising our capacity building upon getting know the best tools and strategies in this area in different parts of Europe

Partner 6 Portugal 

The Temática Positiva Association, proposes to contribute to the social and economic development, having as main strategy to establish synergies for cooperation with local, regional, national and international agents and institutions, in the pursuit of economic and social cohesion.
The Temática Positiva embodies in a collaborative network between a highly qualified team, which, on the basis of commitment to the economic, social and territorial development aim de following objectives:
Promoting and supporting projects and initiatives that aim the research/studies and/or development of social, cultural, economic and educational issues.
Incubate, develop and monitor projects and initiatives related to the social and economic development, including education, training, employment, inclusion, and adaptability;
Implement the principles established by the Memorandum of Lifelong Learning, by developing education and training for all age groups, children, youth, adults and seniors.
Interact with local, regional, national and international partnerships, having in mind the benefit of common economic, social and educational objectives;
Promote the exchange, discussion and communication on issues that relate to the research and the social, economic, educational and cultural development;
Establish protocols and partnerships with local, regional, national and international, entities;
To provide knowledge to in the ambit of the results of its research about social, economic, educational and cultural development issues;
To publish studies, investigations, activities and events, with social economic, educational and cultural aspects,
To promote active citizenship
Implement the principles of equal opportunities;
To boost actions in favour of the Social Innovation
Due to this background, Temática Positiva Association aims to be an entity that meets the challenge of promoting social equality, acting preferentially focusing the most disadvantaged people, as:
Adults: work with the long-term unemployed or people that are not formally unemployed, have only seasonal occupations under precarious conditions, providing vocational training to these groups in order to enhance its intervention in social areas, namely by projects to be undertaken by the Association to support Elderly and Dependent People.



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