Environment Policy

Joanna Pinewood Education Limited has a longstanding track record in the promotion and practice of environmental sustainability. We aim to lead by example, and are committed to pollution prevention and the minimisation of our negative environmental impacts, as well as those of our clients and partners. We will reassess the extent of our environmental impacts at least annually, with a view to continually improving our environmental management systems and processes.
We will:
· Assess the extent and nature of our impacts on the environment.
· Minimise our consumption of resources and raw materials.
· Reduce our production of waste materials.
· Minimise our harmful emissions from transport and office energy consumption.
· Use environmentally sustainable products, from suppliers that demonstrate sound environmental performance, where possible.
· Promote good environmental practice internally as well as within business and the community.
We will do this by:
· Establishing an internal Green Team that will develop our environmental programs and processes, set responsibilities and monitor outcomes.
· Complying with, and where possible exceeding, the requirements of relevant environmental legislation.
· Communicating environmental responsibilities to all staff and providing training where required.
· Adopting waste minimisation as a priority – reducing, re-using and recycling materials where possible to divert waste away from landfill.
· Minimising our day-to-day use of energy and using energy efficient appliances where possible.
· Using public transport where practical.
· Ensuring environmental considerations are taken into account when planning ahead in all business areas.
· Continuing to develop and run programs that raise environmental awareness and promote behaviour change within business and the community.


Director Krzysztof  Bahrynowski

Date of Review: 29th November 2011