Erasmus Plus Key Action : Fantasy to Reality - From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality

 Fantasy to Reality - From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a new ITC-tool with a considerable potential for the provision of training and learning services. Yet it is not implemented sufficiently, because intensive training is required for trainers and staff of adult education organisations to be enabled to use its full potential. The development of creative and innovative skills for pedagogy will raise skills also in graphic and IT needed for employment growth in communication, science and technology. 

Fantasy to Reality - From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality is an Erasmus+ KA mobility project which aims at enhancing learning mobility of individuals by means of mobility of staff .engaged in adult education. Two staff members of Skills International GmbH, Austria, will participate in a structured training course in London, UK for adult learning in Augmented Reality. The profile of the participants is a mixture of trainer and project staff. An important part of the mobility project is integration of potential target groups, such as staff that has not participated in the training, learners who are curious to try out innovative learning tools and stakeholders in general. 

The style of this course is structured for non or basic skilled IT teachers and trainers who wish to use Augmented Reality to teach adult literacy, chemistry, physics, astronomy, history, geography or maths to their target audience. Augmented Reality can be used to make learning exciting and develop literacy skills more joyfully. 40 hours of training are required in this structured course. 

The methodology to be used in carrying out the structured course is also innovative, such as centric learning, learner centered learning, distance learning and specifically the hands on practical (doing ) learning with Joanna Pinewood Education computer suite, including also learning with smart phones and i-pads of participants. 

Dissemination of the project activities and results will be among the main activities throughout the project lifetime, by using innovative channels and tools, such as video, slideshare, digital photography and literacy on you-tube, social platforms like facebook and blogs and twitter. As main results of the mobility activities, a practical Mobility Handbook for the organisation and a concise Handbook on AR usage in teaching literacy skills will be developed. 

The impact of the mobility activities will be empowered by the implementation and transfer of knowledge in the follow-up phase. The participants will return to their institution with workshop materials that can be taught to members of staff of our consortium and organisation. Augmented Reality is developing fast ouside of Europe. Europe is lagging behind in job opportunities. This course intends to motivate other European education institutions to see that there are job opportunities in developing this sector of training and education.